Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Audi

Choose an Audi CPO in Oklahoma City 

Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Audi at Audi Oklahoma City

Not all used vehicles are the same. If you want to save money by shopping for a used model, you may want to consider a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) model for extra peace of mind. You'll find a range of CPO vehicles here at Audi Oklahoma City to choose from for your commutes around Oklahoma City, Norman, and Edmond.

Reasons to Buy an Audi CPO

The main reason to buy a CPO model is the same as for any used vehicle - you save money. Since a CPO is in essence a used vehicle, you don't pay for all the depreciation that takes place when you drive a new car off the lot. You'll find models that are a couple of years old at a price several thousand below a brand-new model.

Another benefit of buying a CPO is that you have peace of mind. To qualify as a certified vehicle, Audi requires that their vehicles must be newer than 5 years and have less than 60,000 miles. If they meet those criteria, they must also pass a stringent multi-point inspection. By the way, this requirement is well over what many auto manufacturers require for their CPO vehicles.

The inspection includes exterior, interior, and mechanical aspects of the vehicle. It also includes the undercarriage and road tests. You receive a car history report to tell you all about your Audi, which gives you even more confidence in the vehicle you decide to buy.

Benefits of a Certified Pre-owned Vehicle

When you buy a CPO vehicle, you usually have the benefit of the new vehicle limited warranty. Your vehicle is covered if a problem arises, and you don't pay for it out of pocket. Once the new vehicle warranty expires, the CPO limited warranty kicks in for 6 years from the date the vehicle first went into service. It comes with 100,000 miles. You can bring your Audi CPO vehicle to Audi dealerships around the country.

You also get roadside assistance 24/7 for a year. This program has unlimited mileage, so no matter how much you drive, you're covered for the entire 12 months.

Buying a CPO model is easy with Audi Oklahoma City. You can qualify for a special financing rate through Audi Financial Services. Most used vehicles don't get as great of a rate as brand-new vehicles, but CPO models can qualify for better terms. You may be able to finance your CPO with no down payment. If you need a down payment, you can use your current vehicle as a trade-in.

If you are ready to drive a newer vehicle and want one that you can count on, check out the CPO Audi models at Audi Oklahoma City. Stop by for a test drive and see what we have available. Whether you're in the market for a sedan, an SUV, or a hybrid or electric vehicle, you'll find the perfect choice right here at Audi Oklahoma City.