Audi Racing History

Audi Racing History 

Founded in 1978, the Audi Sport Department has enjoyed some fantastic success in its short life. Many would think that four decades of racing is anything but a newcomer, but when you look at teams that have been on the track for nearly a century, Audi is the youthful next generation taking over the spotlight. With 13 Le Mans victories and 12 DTM titles, there is no disputing their talent and success.

Owning Le Mans from Day One

The 24-hour race at Le Mans is the ultimate test for both cars and drivers. In 1999, Audi took its first crack at this grueling test of man and machine, leaving with a very impressive third place podium finish. But that was just the beginning as Audi returned in the R8 with Frank Biela at the wheel to win the next three years in a row. Then in 2006, Biela returned to the top of the podium after winning in the Audi R10 TDI. He also returned in 2007 for another trip to the top of the podium, continuing the Audi dominance. Audi also took the top honor in 2008, with Tom Kristensen piloting the R10 TDI.

In 2009, Audi was not featured on the podium. However, they made up for that lesser showing by winning in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Currently, Audi holds the second-place ranking in the Constructors series behind another German team with over twice the years of experience, but only six more wins. In just four decades, Audi has rewritten the record books to ensure that race fans know about their passion and dedication to creating the finest examples of automotive technology.

Setting The Bar for Innovative Engineering

The Audi R10 TDI became the first diesel-powered race car to take the checkered flag at Le Mans in 2006. Since the launch of the TDI technology, it has propelled Audi to the top of the podium eight times at the most challenging endurance race on the planet. The R15 TDI also has the honor of making a clean sweep of the podium at Le Mans in 2010.

A Racing Platform for Customers

The GT3 became the first true race car sold by Audi with the express purpose of getting customers out on the track. The GT3 debuted in 2009 and was delivered to over 200 customers. In March of 2015, the Gen 2 GT3 was released and only two months later took the checkered flag at the 24-hour race at Nurburgring. Each of the next three years saw the release of a new GT model. Today the racing stable is considered one of the finest, with the GT2, GT3, GT4, and TCR.

The Nissan GT series cars continue to be the platform of choice for races across the country and worldwide. They can be found in the garages of one-man teams to sponsored race teams with the money to buy the best, an Audi.

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