Audi Oklahoma City - Service Scheduler

Audi owners love the dependability of our line of vehicles. And the best way to protect your investment and the value of your Audi is with regularly scheduled maintenance and service. But who has the time to be making a phone call to schedule an Audi service appointment? It sounds simple, but it is a task that can quickly end up at the bottom of your "to-do" list. But the team at Audi Oklahoma City has the solution that all of our very busy customers will appreciate. Now all you need to do is use service scheduler on our website to quickly and efficiently set up your Audi service appointment.

Getting Started

Our team has worked to make this process as fast and easy as possible. Just sign in with an email or phone number, and you are ready to set up your service appointment at a time that works for you. Our intuitive system offers you options to select standard services that you might require and even display the service's estimated cost. And we added a special tab to allow you to search for any recalls for your Audi. Our goal is to make your Audi service scheduling as simple as possible. But we also want to ensure that we are providing you with the options and answers that you would receive when scheduling with one of our skilled professionals.

If you are new to the system, it takes just a couple of minutes to set up your profile by entering your Audi's make, year, and model.

Audi Oklahoma City Services

And now, you can expedite your scheduling needs with just a few clicks of your mouse when you need:

  • Mileage or Time-Based Regular Maintenance
  • Battery Service
  • Brake Service
  • Oil Change
  • Belt or Hose Replacement
  • Tire Service
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Collision Damage Repair
  • Diagnostic Service

Check Out Our Specials

When you are using our service scheduler, it is also recommended that you take a moment to check out our service specials. These coupons can be texted to your phone for fast access when you are checking out with our service center cashier. The offers vary but often include discounts on service or parts, wiper blades, oil changes, and complete detail packages for your Audi.

The goal of our exceptional service department team is to help you maintain the excellence of your Audi for many years of fun driving. And the best way to offer our services is to provide you with the flexibility you need for scheduling your Audi service appointment. This feature lets you make the appointment when you have time or are thinking about it late at night or even on the weekend when we are closed. You can schedule online and not have to worry about making a note to call us during regular business hours. And as with all of our service, we invite you to enjoy our peaceful and well-appointed reception area while we complete the service on your Audi.