History of The Audi Quattro

Quattro Era 1978-1987 Addition 

The Legend Begins

The Quattro was the foundation of the Audi Sport created in 1978. Three years after making the commitment to enter the motorsport arena, Audi debuted at the famed Monte Carlo Rally. The moment of glory in that first rally car race was when Hannu Mikkola was able to overtake Lancia Stratos, who started a full minute ahead of the Audi. However, this was just a taste of what was to come after ten kilometers on a snow-covered race track. Mikkola later climbed to the top of the podium after claiming victories at the Swedish Rally and Rally Portugal.

The San Remo Rally in the fall of 1981 was the location of a historical event. It marked the first time a female won a WRC round as Michèle Mouton took the honor and placed her and Audi in the record books. Audi's further successes in the World Rally Championship from 1982 to 1984 as they enjoyed two dominant drivers, commanding victories and manufacturers' titles with the 'Ur-Quattro".

Taking On THE Peak

The Pikes Peak Hillclimb is the Holy Grail for rally drivers, teams, and manufacturers. From 1984 to 1987, the Audi name was well in control of the accolades coming from this monumental event. Various iterations of the Quattro claimed the victory three years in a row. But the crown jewel for Audi came in 1987 when Water Rohrl took his Audi Sport Quattro S1 up the climb in under eleven minutes.

This was a first-ever and set the bar for all others to follow in the tire tracks of the Audi Quattro. The stories around this superb vehicle varied for a bit, with claims of anywhere from 600 horsepower up to 1,000. However, the rumors were put to rest when Walter Röhrl stated that the car produced an awe-inspiring 750 horsepower during an interview. It was that power that allowed him to shatter the eleven-minute mark with his time of 10:47:850.

Half A Dozen Amazing Years

1986 marked the end of the first six years of the Quattro. In that time, four drivers had amassed 23 world championship rally wins and delivered four championship titles to the Audi name and its global fan base. Then Audi came back in 1987 to win the punishing Safari Rally. After owning the rally world, it was time for Audi to set its sights a bit higher and move on to circuit racing.

The Path To Owning The Paved Circuit

In 1988, the Audi 200 Quattro joined the Trans-Am Series. The following year, the Audi 90 Quattro entered IMSA-GTO in the United States. In 1990 and 1991, the Audi V8 Quattro earned two championship titles in the German Touring Car Championship. By 1996, the Audi A4 Quattro was exerting its dominance as it won the title in seven countries.

The long history of Audi racing excellence continues today. And you can be the proud owner of a piece of Audi racing history by visiting Audi of Oklahoma City, proudly serving the communities of Edmond and Norman.